Baby Hydrotherapy

Encourages movement, flexibility and coordination thus providing your children with a strong foundation for a life full of fun and adventure!

Organic Massage

Our 100% pure essential oil blend of Mediterranean olives will relax and pamper your baby and kid.

Baby First Haircut

It’s adorable. It’s special. It’s memorable. It’s your child’s First Haircut. This special moment can live on with the help from our well-trained stylists at Roi & Reine


When your child gets their haircut at Roi & Reine it’s not the same experience they would get from any other hair salon. From our expert staff and adorable car chairs to the video games, movies, great hair accessories and exceptional service, their experience here will be special every time!

Manicure & Pedicure

What better way to train your little ones to a healthy and hygienic lifestyle than through our ManiPedicure service? We use only the purest water-based product.

Nom Nom Facial

Cleanse, nourishes, protect and rejuvenates skin with our YUMMY Chocolate facial product!

Natural Cream-bath

Agentle fruit-based head massage for the scalp promotes healthy hair growth by increasing the blood flow throught the scalp.

Prenatal Massage  (for Mom’s menu)

Prenatal Massage is a natural touch therapy treatment aimed at alleviating pregnancy related symptoms